I always appreciate good suggestions on books, articles, movies, etc., so I’m going to include some things I read regularly and some that I have stumbled upon. Many have to do with the economy and might seem out of place, but I happen to find the economy (especially at this time in history) fascinating, and it connects to everything. Some of the links are just for fun. I’ll update these from time to time. – Headed by Chris Martinson and Adam Taggart, this website was an offshoot of Martinson’s books The Crash Course and Prosper, and provides incredibly relevant information about real-world problems… and offers real-world solutions.  A non-partisan who sees his job as ‘information scout’, Martinson provides detailed context for many of the global issues facing us today.  It is also the hub of a vital community of readers sharing insights, experience, and advice on a wide array of content. – Charles Hugh Smith is one of the most independent thinkers out there. His observations about education, debt, income inequality, and incentives are thoughtful and timely, and he adds to his blog daily. The blog has its own set of links which are always good for a night’s intellectual stimulation. He’s also a genuinely nice person. – James Howard Kunstler can have a bit of a grouchy view of the state of the country right now (which I’m sure he’d be the first to admit), but he mixes biting humor with incisive data about the state of the economy and the political circus. Like me, he is a disenchanted Democrat struggling with what he finds to be a world gone mad. His books The Geography of Nowhere, The Long Emergency, and Too Much Magic are non-fiction works guaranteed to provoke, concern (and amuse). He also has a series of books called A World Made By Hand about what things would look like following a collapse of industrial civilization. His provocatively-titled Clusterfuck Nation is a bi-weekly blog that is the first thing I read every Monday and Friday.

The Case for Working With Your Hands and Don’t Overthink It – An article by a sharp guy, Matthew Crawford, and another article about him. His book The World Beyond Your Head is one of the most beautiful pieces of practical philosophy I’ve seen in years. – Nicole Foss’ The Automatic Earth, often with excellent articles by Raul Ilargi Meijer is another incredibly well-thought through blog, featuring meaty food for thought. Foss was one of the first, and remains one of the most important figures in assessing the world’s oil supply situation, and the economics that go along with that. Meijer has added world politics to the picture. – My friend and producer on my music, Tony Conniff, has a website with his music, and a weekly discussion of musical issues. Often he will spend an entire blog entry breaking down a song into its component parts in an attempt to see what gives the song its punch. A welcome break from the heavy intellectual stuff above. and – For those of you curious about the horse racing world, nothing covers harness racing like Harness Racing Update; for thoroughbreds, I recommend Horse Racing Nation.

And a television recommendation: Peaky Blinders, on Netflix. My fiancee got me into watching this one. Set in a gritty British town after WWI, it’s like The Godfather meets Breaking Bad. Well, not exactly, but it’s terrific.

That’s what I’ve got for you for now; enjoy!